It is recommended that the Himalayan guinea pig is fed on a similar diet to any other breed of guinea pigs. The general diet for a Himalayan pig is mostly made up of vegetables, grains, and fruits. The Himalayan guinea pig, however, tends to have a favorite dish in pellets. They love feeding on pellets. This pig should also be supplied with a constant source of proteins and also a right dosage of vitamin C. The guinea pigs also like vegetables so much and so does the Himalayan guinea pig. Vegetables are important to this breed of pigs as they are a great source of food nutrients. The kind of vegetables that the Himalayan guinea pig should be fed to include the following; kale, cabbage, carrots, tomato, spinach, parsley, clover, romaine lettuce and dandelion greens.

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These are the most nutritious vegetable for this pig breed and they do not cause any nutritious problems or stomach upsets or stress to the pig. It is advisable to feed the pigs only on fresh vegetables to avoid nutritional complications. The other kind of feeds highly recommended for the Himalayan guinea pig at any particular age is the Timothy or Orchard grass. This is a very important meal for the Himalayan guinea pig. Timothy hay is recommended because it has a greater nutritional value as compared to other types of hay. This grass helps to maintain the teeth of the pig in a good shape by preventing them from overgrowing. It also helps to keep the digestive system of the pig in an ideally excellent condition.The hay should be completely free from pesticides as they can harm the pig if in large quantities. The Himalayan guinea pig loves chewing, a lot. Therefore, this grass and hay should always be available to the pig all the time if possible. This pig should also be provided with fruits as a supplement to the diet. The recommended fruits to feed the pig on including the following; grapes, tomatoes, and strawberries. The fruits should be fresh when being fed to the pigs. Feeds with nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are discouraged as the pigs can choke on them. While purchasing ready-made feeds for the pigs it is highly recommended that you purchase the feeds specifically made from the Himalayan guinea pig as this is the feed with the right amount of nutrients and a balanced diet. The Himalayan guinea pig also needs to drink plenty of clean water. The water should not contain minerals such as calcium as it is not recommendable. The water provided to these pigs should be purged from the unwanted minerals. The meals and water should always be provided in clean dishes or troughs. The leftovers should be cleared from the troughs. If leftovers are left in the troughs till they rot, it could lead to a problem if the pigs feed on them. The most important thing to note about the diet of a Himalayan guinea pig is that Vitamin C is very essential. Deficiency of vitamin C in the Himalayan guinea pig leads to poor pigmentation and other health problems. The remedy for this is providing the pigs with sufficient vitamin C in the form of chewing tablets or liquid drops.

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